Courses and Lectures by Song Huang

Observational Astronomy (Undergraduate Course)

  • This course will provide a panoramic view of the landscape of modern astronomical observation, including some of the frontier fields of observational astrophysics. We will focus on the optical/infrared observations and cover the basics of the multi-wavelength and multi-messenger sides of the subject. This course will give a basic grasp of fundamental concepts and methods of observational astronomy.

  • Observational Astronomy (30920023-90) - 2023 Fall

  • I will teach this course in the coming semester of 2023 Fall. I will update the syllabus and the lectures files here later. Please stay tuned.

Past Semesters


TaoTie (饕餮)

I have spent some time with Taotie (饕餮) - A curated collection of resources for astrophysical research. There is also a Gitlab mirror if you have difficulty accessing Github. The idea is to provide a community “bookmark” for students who want to get started with astronomy.

  • HELP WANTED: If you are interested in contributing to this project, please feel free to contact me. I am looking for people who can help me to maintain the project and add more resources!

Other Lectures