Merian Survey

Probing the Dark Side of Tiny Galaxies

The Merian survey is an ambitious program designed to build the largest and most well-understood existing sample of star-forming dwarf galaxies between 8<log(Mstar/Msun)<9 out to redshift 0.1, in order to answer the questions above. Merian will use 62 nights during 2021-2023 with DECam on the 4-meter Blanco telescope at CTIO in Chile, and will image 800 square degrees of the sky within the HSC SSP Wide field with two custom made medium-band filters (N708 and N540) for Halpha and OIII emission to create a sample of 100,000 star-forming dwarf galaxies (with 90% completeness) in the redshift range 0.058 < z < 0.10. ​ The co-principal-investigators are Prof. Alexie Leauthaud (UCSC) and Prof. Jenny Greene (Princeton).