Song Huang 黄崧
Post-doc Researcher in Astrophysics


This is Song Huang (黄崧). I am currently a post-doc researcher in astrophysics at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California Santa Cruz. As a member of the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program, I am working on different topics about galaxy formation and evolution using the deep images from this ambitious survey. I was born in Tianjin, China, and got my Ph.D in Astrophysics from Nanjing University, China. Before joining UCSC, I was a post-doc researcher at Kavli-IPMU, University of Tokyo.

My main scientific interest is the life of massive galaxies in the universe. They are unique laboratories to study galaxy evolution and cosmology. Although most of them appear to be quiescent and look boring, there are still numerous puzzles about them. Right now, I am focusing on decoding the assembly history of massive galaxies and their galaxy-dark matter halo connection.

Research Projects


In addition to my research, I am also passionate about public outreach for asrtonomy, especially in my mother tongue, Chinese. I have written many articles for general public and given public talks at different levels. I used to have a blog, "~Whistle Down the Winds", which helped me know many others who share the same dream in astronomy.

I also co-found the website, Astroleaks (天文理科人), to help student in China follow the recent progress in different fields of astrophysics. Below you can find some of my recent articles (in Chinese):

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